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By Fred Dallmayr

The ebook denounces the irresponsible recklessness of a few geopolitical agendas that are pushing the area relentlessly towards an immense worldwide battle, and probably towards nuclear destruction or apocalypse. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has lately positioned the "Doomsday Clock" at 3 mins to dead night. indicators pointing towards a potential grand catastrophe are a number of: all over one appears in our international this present day one unearths ethnic and non secular conflicts, bloody mayhem, incipient genocide, proxy wars and "hybrid" wars", renewal of the chilly struggle. upload to those ills international fiscal crises, significant streams of refugees, and the threats posed by way of worldwide warming - and the image of an international in whole illness is entire. therefore, it really is excessive time for humankind to get up. ranging from the portrayal of worldwide "anomie", the publication matters a decision to humans far and wide to oppose the frenzy to destruction and to come to political sanity and the hunt for peace. this can be a name to international public accountability. In moral phrases, it says that individuals far and wide have a duty to avoid apocalypse and to "maintain" our international or "hold the area jointly" in all its dimensions - together with the scale of human and social lifestyles, traditional ecology, and human non secular aspirations (or openness to the divine). another way out: in lieu of the existing disease and brokenness, the e-book urges us to go looking for a brand new "wholeness" and simply peace.

The ebook is intercultural and in addition inter-disciplinary. because the objective is holistic - to carry the area jointly - the ebook unavoidably has to attract on many disciplines: together with philosophy, theology, social technology, heritage, and literature. when it comes to Western philosophical and highbrow legacies, it attracts as a rule at the teachings of Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Derrida. It additionally deals a totally new interpretation of the paintings of Thomas Hobbes, unearthing during this paintings a moral call for to go out from the kingdom of perpetual war towards a shared commonwealth. The textual content additionally depends on the lessons of Christian theology (both Catholic and Protestant), invoking at an important junctures the works of Karl Barth, Raimon Panikkar, and others. by way of non-Western highbrow and religious legacies, the e-book deals new interpretations of major texts within the Indian and chinese language traditions. hence, emphasis is put on the tips of "world upkeep" (loka-samgraha) in Hinduism and of "All-Under-Heaven" in classical chinese language proposal. even supposing a critical thrust of the textual content is for a brand new wholeness, the aim isn't a uniform synthesis the place every little thing will be swallowed up in a bland solidarity. particularly the problem is tips to shield range of the realm in its rightful integrity, via linking all components in a posh internet of interconnections and "relationality".

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